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Pokemon Go Tips

Of all the things that would shake up the real estate market this year, who would have thought that Pokemon Go would be the one to beat? Yet, many realtors (including our agents!) have had plenty of clients inquire about the quality of the neighborhood Pokemon when viewing a house. While the Pokemon Go mania of this summer has simmered down to a long broil, the elusive virtual critters are still in demand. We've put together some tips to help you make the most of your Pokehunts in Jeffersonville, Southern Indiana, and surrounding areas. 

1. Hunt with friends – You haven’t truly bonded with your friends until you’ve gone Pokémon Go hunting together. Pokémon Go hunting is lot more fun when you aren’t just driving around aimlessly by yourself. Get some friends together, get out of the car, and have some fun. Remember the point of the eggs is to get out and walk. Some Pokémon are seen more often at night or in the city, so traveling with a group is much safer as well.

2. Explore new places – Searching for Pokémon is a great excuse to check out new places you haven’t explored before. Parks are an excellent place to not only find Pokémon, but to explore and see new sites. You may even have the opportunity to learn more about your state's history at some of the local parks and attractions. Since playing Pokémon we have explored Locust Grove, the historical home of George Rogers Clark, Bernheim Forrest, and other attractions.

3. Go to local events – Many locations will have Pokémon gatherings that attract larger crowds. It is believed that the Pokémon gather in high population areas so businesses are having PokéNights where they are inviting large crowds of Pokémon seekers. 

4. Learn how to best work the game...