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Become Who You Were Born to Be

In my sales career of over 15 years, I've read a lot of books--self-help books, business books, books by other sales people, anything that crosses my desk as interesting.  I've always enjoyed reading, but over the last 3-4 years, I find it harder and harder to committ to finishing a book.  I get into them and get all motivated at putting the priniciples into action and never finish the book.  So since it's snowing and I don't have any out of the office appointments today, I decided to restart the most recent unfinished book, Become Who You Were Born to Be by Brian Souza.

I'll post periodic updates about my progress, as I am committed to finishing it this time!

Here is a great quote from Chapter 2: "Successful people love what they do and feel compelled to express the best that is within them. They don't strive to be better than their neighbors or contemporaries--they strive to be better than themselves"

I say this about myself a lot.  Kind of like, "I'm my biggest fan and toughest competition".  I set the bar high for all aspects of my life.  I always want to be better than I was last year, last quarter, last month, yesterday!  Sometimes the pressure becomes overwhelming, but look what it has gotten me--I'm 34 years old, in a happy and healthy relationship with my partner, running a $4.5 Million Dollar personal Real Estate Business, and NOW co-owner of the Brokerage!  I'd say this year, this quarter, this month and today I am better than before. 

With that said, I think I'll take today to bask in the success I've created by enjoying a snow day at home in my jammies with a book :)

Want to read along with me?  Purchase your copy here: